Information on birth, acknowledgement of parentage, intercountry adoption, giving a name, marriage, cohabitation, divorce, and death abroad.


Information on birth in Malaysia.
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If you are Belgian, all changes to your civil status are governed by Belgian law. Belgian law applies even if you live abroad.

If you live abroad, you must inform your local Belgian embassy or consulate of all changes to your civil status.

Where should a birth be registered abroad?

The birth of a child abroad should be registered with the local authorities who will issue a birth certificate. This document will be recognized in Belgium if the certificate has been issued by the relevant authority in accordance with standard procedures in that country. A Belgian embassy or consulate can also issue a birth certificate for Belgians who are born in the area covered by its remit.

Does a birth certificate have to be entered into the Belgian registers?

A birth certificate issued by another country can be entered into the Belgian registers. This means that it will always be possible to easily obtain full or short form certified copies in Belgium. Further information is available under registration certificates.

Registration of Birth

The procedure to register a Belgian child born in Malaysia at the Embassy is as follows:

1. Apply for a "Certificate of Births" at:

The National Registration Department of Malaysia 
No. 20 Persiaran Perdana, Precint 2, 
Federal Government Administrative Centre, 
62551 Federal Territory of Putrajaya, 
Tel: 03 - 8000 8000 

2. Have it translated to Dutch or French by one of the translators recognized by the Embassy.

Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia (ITBM). 
Wisma ITBM, No 2, Jalan 2/27E 
Seksyen 10, Wangsa Maju 
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
Tel: (603) 4145 1800 
Fax: (603) 4149 1535  

3. Get it legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia 
Wisma Putra 
N°1, Jalan Wisma Putra, Presint 2 
62602 Putrajaya 
Tel: 03-8887 4000 

4. Subsequently, the documents (extract + translation) need to be legalized by the Embassy.

5. The Embassy will then register your child in the Belgian Population Register. The original legalized documents will be returned to you and a copy of them will be kept in your file with the Embassy.

We strongly advise the transcription of foreign civil status certificates such as birth and marriage certificates because only then you will be able to obtain copies or extracts of the certificate in Belgium. You can use the same sets of documents you used to register at the Embassy. Without the transcription you will have to revert to the issuing authority in Malaysia or elsewhere, even if you had duly registered the information with the Embassy.

Consult our consular fees for legalisation.