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Visa for long stay (+90 days)


VISA LONG STAY (stay for more than 90 days), Visa D

All nationals who wish to stay for more than 90 days in Belgium, need to apply for a visa D, unless if you are either a citizen of the European Union or a citizen of one of the following countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland.

Applications have to be done in person, we encourage you to come as soon as possible to lodge your application. Depending on your personal situation timings may vary. We suggest you to do the submission at least 1 month before your intended departure date.

For some visa applications the Embassy is required to transfer the file to the Immigration Office in Belgium. Decisions can take longer and timings are unpredictable. To check timings, you can visit their website, the info is only available in Dutch or French.

A Visa D allows you to travel to Belgium. Once you have arrived you will need to register with the commune where you are living to obtain a residence permit.

The Visa D also allows you to travel to other Schengen countries for a maximum of 3 months in a 6 month period of time.

You will need to make a personal appearance to submit the visa application.  Minors who wish to accompany their parents for a long stay will also need to appear personally, regardless of their age.

Lodging your visa application will take approximately 20 minutes. If at the time of your application your file is incomplete, you will need to book a new appointment. 

From 1st of December 2018 your fingerprints and facial image (as from 6 years of age) will be captured and stored in a national database for 10 years.

Before submitting your application you will need to have paid the contribution fee or show that you qualify for exemption.  Without this document, the visa application cannot be accepted.  


1. Checklist

2. Visa Forms

Long Stay Visa Application Form

3. Annex 32

Form Guarantor: Dutch - French 

4. Form Language (Form to choose the language in which you would like to be informed about the decision in your visa application)

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