Driver’s licence

Information on the driver’s licence in Malaysia.

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Registration/exchange of Belgian driving licence

Belgian nationals who wish to drive in Malaysia must possess documents recognised by the Malaysian authorities.

Two possible options are as follows:

  • a valid Belgian driving license and a (Belgium-issued) International Driving Permit;
  • a Malaysian driving license.

The Embassy does not issue or renew Belgian or international driver’s licenses. This is only possible in Belgium.

When the validity of a license expires, it can be renewed if all conditions to issue it are met. Furthermore, one can apply for a duplicate of a valid driver's license eg. if it is lost, stolen, damaged or has become illegible. No duplicate can be issued for a license in bankcard model; A new license will be issued.

People who live in Belgium and hold a foreign driving license cannot obtain a renewal or a duplicate of their license. They have to apply for a Belgian driver’s license.

Individuals (Belgian or non-nationals) residing in a member state of the European Economic Area, have to apply for a renewal of their license in the country where they reside. They may receive a certificate from the municipality in Belgium where she last resided.

Belgians who do not reside in a member state of the European Economic Area and who are enrolled at the embassy of a third country, can renew their Belgian license at the Belgian municipality where they were last registered.

Source: FPS Mobility and Transport

Obtaining a Malaysian Driving License

Belgian nationals may obtain a Malaysian driving license by sitting for a driving test at a driving school in Malaysia.

A list of driving schools can be found through the JPJ (Malaysian Road Transport Department) website.

Obtaining a Malaysia-issued International Driving Permit

Belgian nationals who wish to obtain a Malaysia-issued International Driving Permit in order to legally drive overseas, must possess a valid Malaysian driving license in the first instance.

A Malaysia-issued International Driving Permit may be obtained from any JPJ (Malaysian Road Transport Department) State or Branch offices. Applications may also be submitted at the Malaysia Automotive Association (MAA) office.

Malaysia-issued International Driving Permits cost RM150. Further details regarding the application process and required documents may be found on the JPJ website.